Few people can say they get to do what they love for work.  Even fewer can say they do  TWO things they love.  I happen to be one of the few!
Since I was a little kid I've loved shooting photos.  Not just any photos though, people photos. A photo is a gateway to the soul.  If you do it just right, you can capture that split second, fleeting moment of pure emotion.  It's the drive to capture these moments, to tell peoples' stories, that drove me to love photojournalism.  
In 2005 I was fortunate enough to be hired by the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation.  Not as a photographer or cameraman, but as a meteorologist of all things!  However, this venue gave me an outlet to expand my journalistic love for photography.  Through my 7 years at the CBC I travelled abroad several times and had the chance to file a number of stories from Africa.  I've shot for a few NGOs and I've also managed to get myself in the thick of some pretty heated protests and events here at home too!
These days I search for that perfect moment here in Toronto, specifically photographing families and events (one of my main subjects of late has been my wife and our soon to be baby boy).  So few people have really good photos of themselves or their families.  When I can provide that for them, the emotion and gratitude it evokes is priceless and what drives me to shoot more and never stop improving.  
I'd love to have the opportunity make some memorable, magical photos for you.  To capture those unforgettable moments, be it your wedding, engagement, newborn or family photos!

Nick Czernkovich

PS .. When I'm not shooting photos I spend the rest of my time doing the other thing I love ... flying!

My beautiful wife and I in Tuscany

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